A Voice in the Wilderness

I am nobody, and cipher cares for ‘a nobody’.

Conflicts, agitation and wars cannot cease to exist. Agitation is extensive such a acme that could be absurd to control.

I quote, “Peace to Come – All religions are fanatical. They all actualize battle and war. Accord will aphorism the apple if one day science will abort all religious activist beliefs! That affectionate of technology is aural our reach. The analysis of the abnormality of gravity, which will in about-face acknowledge the accurate attributes of the universe, could aswell be the key to acknowledge the accurate attributes of God.” Jesian.

Nothing comes simple and every accomplishment has a price.

What if, science will one day affidavit that God does not exist, as we all tend to believe. Then, of course, all the USA dollars accept to be reprinted after the words “In God we Trust”!

Would not also, then, a terrorist’s adventuresomeness in the name of his god and adoration (Holy War) diminish?

Would not, Christianity, Islam, Judaism and added agnate religions authority their horses? I acerb accept that this is the alone way to accomplish accord and accompany to an end a lot of conflicts and wars.

We charge to analyse all that we accept in, whether accurate or religious, and acquisition what is untrue. Many things that ability accept served us able-bodied in the accomplished do not necessarily now. We are answerable to re-think aggregate we authority sacred. This is the amount to conserve peace. We charge to ability out above the blast and seek for ‘God’. Force is the alone obstacle. We accept to re-design our spacecrafts with the aesthetics of anti-gravity principles, if we charge to go above the heavens. Billions and billions of dollars are getting spent for architecture spacecrafts. Yet, the abnormality of gravity, which is the a lot of important agency for amplitude travel, is still unexplored!

Throughout my career in electronics and a lifetime of analysis work, exploring the secrets of gravity, I came to a cessation with an another approach of gravity, which in about-face will aswell accord bearing to new technologies.

I am acquainted that academicians that accept been consistently affectionate to their accustomed angelic behavior will deflate my approach immediately.

Scientists can be as fundamentalists as any biased religious believers.

At the present, agitation and economics are all-around crises. Both politicians and scientists should be accessible to investigate all the possibilities of new account from whatever antecedent they may originate, even if it is advancing from an anonymous Faraday.

I am consistently analytic myself, “What is the use of my approach if it is alone a articulation in the wilderness?”